Week 8 – Running the data build

We finished the quiz application! Well, almost. Having finished creating all the functional requirements of the quiz, all that remains is for us to put the final touches on the application, then connect it with the final website so that it goes live. It’s pretty exciting to see something we’ve been working on for so long finally come to fruition, but at the same time, we’re all also pretty happy to be done with working on this project. It’ll be interesting for all of us to move on from this project, and see where the rest of the internship takes us.

On that note, since the final touches that are to be made are mostly to do with the front end aspects of the application, Quinn and I don’t really have much to do. As such, Quinn was given another project to work on, and I was assigned to work with the data team! I work with QA, another Whitman alum, on the data builds and the daily data processes. Most of our work is making sure there are no anomalies in the code and the output, and so we execute production code and make sure everything is up to the mark. On the side, however, we work on porting existing groovy code over to java, which is both fun and confusing – groovy is similar enough to java that you think you would be able to do it without much thinking, but different enough that you run into all kinds of obstacles when trying to make something work in java. A lot of the libraries used in groovy are slightly different from their java counterparts, which makes it so that we often have to come up with new solutions to make something work, as the libraries used in the existing codebase are different from the ones that are available to us.

That’s been all this week, it’s become a routine of running the existing code in groovy and porting it over to java. Stay tuned to find out what happens this coming week!

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