SEC October ’15 Newsletter

October ’15 Newsletter
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The SEC is hitting full swing! We have lots of exciting programs we can’t wait to share, including our wonderful service programs and on-campus recruiting opportunities. Read through and see what’s next!

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 Upcoming Events

Saturday, Oct 24 ~  Internship Panel, Hunter Auditorium, 2:30 – 3:20pm
Thursday, Oct 29 ~ Change Corps Interviews, Maxey 121, All Day
Saturday, Nov 7 ~ Service Saturday w/ Habitat for Humanity, 8:30 – 12:30pm
Wednesday, Nov 11 ~ Annual Andjelkovic Lecture, Reid Ballroom, 7 – 8:30pm
Wednesday, Nov 18 ~ GEW Pitch It! Final Event, Power House Theatre, 5:30 – 7:30pm

Make – A – Difference Day
There were 74 members of the Whitman community participating in Make A Difference Day this past Saturday, including students, staff, and faculty. We partnered with 17 community organizations this year. The most rewarding parts of some folks’ morning included: ‘learning that some of the food from the garden would be used to improve school nutritional options,’ for another, ‘finding a new organization with a cause that I really care about, giving back to people who give so much!’ For more information about MADD or how to get involved in service, check out our Community Service page or contact Forrest Arnold at

Cookies & Career Advising in the Residence Halls

The Career Counselor in YOUR house!
Come to the main lounge for fresh homemade cookies and resume, cover letter, major, and career advising.

Monday Nov. 2: Jewett Main Lounge 3:00-5:00pm
Monday Nov. 9: North Hall Main Lounge 7:00-8:00pm
Monday Nov. 16: Anderson Main Lounge 3:00-5:00pm

If you have any questions email Gayle Townsend ’80, Assistant Director of Career Development:

Global Entrepreneurship Week

GEW Pitch It! Competiton
Inspired by the TV show, Shark Tank, our “Pitch It!” competition provides a vehicle for students to design and develop innovative business concepts, create a presentation of their concept for a panel of judges and pitch their innovation in-front of a live audience.

Registration must be complete BEFORE NOVEMBER 1ST to compete. The event will be held on November 18th at Power House Theater. Check out the official website here for more information! 

Annual Andjelkovic Lecture 

This Fall’s Sava and Danica Andjelkovic Endowed Lecture brings Rick Turoczy ’93 back to campus. Rick is a integral member of the Portland start-up scene and is the founder of the Portland Incubator Experiment and Silicon Florist. This event is happening on Wednesday, November 11th in the Reid Ballroom from 7 – 8:30pm. You won’t want to miss this one!

Interview Suite Ribbon Cutting!

We’re excited to have all the Moms and Dads in town this weekend for Family Weekend, and we wanted to use the occasion to launch a new tool for students. We’re calling it the SEC Interview Suite, a quiet, professional space you can reserve for your interviewing needs. Why conduct a phone or Skype interview in your noisy dorm room? 

We thought we’d have a little fun with this launch, so we created a video to commemorate the occasion, starring our talented office assistants Abby, Annie, Grant and Jackie! Check it out on YouTube here and let us know what you think!

Have you Met the SEC?

Our Meet the SEC page is now updated with all our new student workers for this upcoming year. Take a look what their backgrounds are, where their passions lie, and what drove them to join us for this exciting new year. 

Marta PicotoExecutive Office Assistant | Cherokee WashingtonWTTM Intern
 Zach CaloAdopt-A-Grandparent Intern | Abby MolloyExecutive Office Assistant
 Nikki AntenucciWTTM Intern | Katy WoodallMentor Program Intern
Tim MorrisClassroom Connections | Kate WhittinghamSBST Intern
Megan RochaBuddy Program Intern | Ye HeStorytime Project Intern
Leda ZakarisonMentor Program Intern
Faith NyakundiStudent Employment Intern

Recruiting Sessions Recap, and looking forward

It’s been a busy time for on-campus recruiting on campus at the SEC! We’ve had some great organizations visit us in the last week. Koru, U.S. State Department, Pacific Rim ContractingPeace Corps, and The Spur Group have all had a great opporunity to come on campus in person or virtually to share information about their work and open positions within their ranks.

If you missed these sessions and want to keep up to date on all upcoming on-campus recruiting opportunities, check out the front page of our website! We’ve added a recruiting calendar so you’ll always know when the next session is. Keep an eye out for upcoming visits from Regence, Change Corps, Boeing, and PhysAssist

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International Student Ludmila Cardoso de Brito ’18 Writes About Her Experiences In Brazil


Some of my co-workers and supervisors.

Hello my name is Lud and I want to try to summarize what I have done in Incorporadora RPF, (a construction and architectural firm in São Paulo that focuses on environmentally sustainable practices and fostering community relationships), and I want to say that this is an impossible task. It is impossible to write down everything that I have done, everything I have learned during these 10 weeks of interning, but I will give it a try.

Incorporadora RPF is divided in many cells: Obracil, AHA, Nihao, Eco5 and Incorporadora RPF.

  1. Obracil takes care of the engineering part of the company, the brains behind the architecture, the construction, calculation and expertise.
  2. AHA takes care of the ideas, the development of potentials and bringing innovation as creative solutions to demands.
  3. Nihao takes care of selling; advertising and making connections with other companies in order to constantly improve the quality of their product.
  4. Eco5 takes care of the social and environmental part of the company, making sure that there is responsible thought on every action and active engagement with the community
  5. Incorporadora RPF fosters good relationships amongst investors and cultivates meaningful and trustful connections with them.
Lúmen, Vista

Lúmen, Vista.

During my stay I stayed in the Lúmen building, built by Incorporadora RPF. They allowed me to stay there at a much cheaper rent price. From the first day, my supervisor told me that at the same time I was renting the apartment, I was testing the idea of the 24th Floor, a system where we would take all these apartments and set a renting system to short term stays at the busy city of São Paulo, with cleaning, laundry, academy, co-working, and many other options and possibilities. During my internship I was a guinea pig of finding out how things could be improved, find out what was missing. But then I realized I could help out by using the connections I have made at Whitman as well as UWC to create research focus groups and estimate costs, address needs and research any other possible improvements. So in this way, the 24th floor would not be focused only on Brazilian demands, but open to foreigners and guests who come for lectures or on business travels; those who travel for a few weeks and want something similar to a hotel, but more homey yet also affordable and safe. We then started the process of connecting with companies that do just that and even considered turning it into a product. From the very beginning my internship already seemed to be much more than I was expecting and I have learned a humongous amount of skills and concepts. But let me start at the beginning, two years ago:

Projeto zero

Project Zero images.

Everything started with the Project Zero in the summer 2013. Marcos Fantini, my friend, contacted AIESEC, (Activating the leadership potential of young people), an international non-for-profit that provides young people with cross-cultural global internship and volunteer exchange experiences and leadership development. They focus on empowering young people so they can make a positive impact on society.

projeto zeroo

Project Zero intern group.

He wanted to bring a German and an American student to the company to do an internship and give their feedback, a different cultural perspective which is useful for the company. But the experience would also be useful for the intern because they would gain work experience and learn more about how a company works; a company with strong social values that is dedicated towards sustainable development and responsible growth. I was also part of that team and it was really nice to spend 24/7 together. We worked together, we hosted the two interns, and we learned a lot from each other. This experience was called the Project Zero, a dedicated network, starting from zero. No monetary goals, just common and mutual growth.

The opportunity for me to come back to Incorporadora RPF is like Project One, a sequel to Project Zero. We are now using all that feedback and are finally applying it to build something new. It is even nicer for me to think about it because I am Brazilian, but everything I have learned regarding economics, finance and professional relationships is somewhat foreign to Brazil because I learned it in the US. So it was also the chance of understanding the Brazilian dynamics, these different perspectives complementing each other towards a real goal. This approach fits into my plan: at some point I would like to come back to Brazil and use what I have learned at Whitman in the Brazilian business world, the Brazilian environment.

I want to say that I am extremely thankful for this opportunity, one more time :-)


Anita is the one with the red tote.

AHA, which I mentioned earlier takes care of the ideas, the development of potentials and bringing innovation as creative solutions to demands, represents that epiphany moment when you have one idea, when you realize something and you see potential in it. Anita Prado Ferraro, whom I worked with this summer, created AHA with the purpose of developing those ideas. Looking at the potential of things and actually doing something about it. Looking at an area for sale and seeing a building that would bring sophistication as well as environmental awareness to the neighborhood; seeing an abandoned park and planning activities in it that would bring a sense of public ownership so that people will take care or it again.

Anita takes people with incredible and crazy ideas and connects those ideas in a way that make sense. Following their passions she puts everyone together and guides us towards what we have to do to make that idea come true. Thinking about how this idea would benefit everyone and the world. How this idea can develop each other, create more connections, open more doors and being self sustained while being able to stay with our feet on the ground. Dream high; stand strong, with a cool head and a generous heart. This is how I would define Anita.

Casa da Amizade 18-07-2015-6410

Me at Casa da Amizade.

I went to Brazil with the goal of learning mathematical, economical, and real estate market terms in Portuguese, a field I am used to encountering in English. I did, but I have learned so much more. Right now, Brazil is facing an economical/political crisis and the real estate market is not doing as well as it is used to. In this case it is essential to find new and creative ways of overcoming this situation, creating new products and coming up with new solutions. This is one of the biggest lessons I have learned during my internship.

One of the things I had the chance of doing was to introduce the company to the “every time check sheet,” which is something I am used to doing at Whitman for my job at the MDL, the Multimedia Development Lab. Our MDL supervisor can not be there all the time during student’s shifts to know what is going on. The “every time check sheet” came into place to address this situation: if, for example, I finish my task, I can look at the “every time check sheet” and see what else I could be doing, as well as keep it as a journal and use that time effectively to learn more skills that will be useful (and for free) not only for me as a person, but also for my employer: they will have a more skilled employee. With the “every time check sheet” I can get extra training and use my time productively. I can avoid wasting my time and my employer’s money. For this process of introducing this MDL resource to my internship supervisor, I contacted my MDL supervisor and asked him why they did it, what the outcomes were and if he had any suggestions on how to implement it at a company that was not used to using such a system. It was also relevant for Incorporadora to better understand the dynamics of their company. Which employees are overwhelmed by demands and how could they find a better balance?


Trello App.

One of my coworkers, David, based on that idea if increasing productivity as well as personal self-satisfaction with your own work, found an app called Trello. We then merged these two systems (Trello and the “every time check sheet”) to facilitate the communication between every cell of the company, to help set goals and also follow-up on them.

During my internship I also had the chance to set up partnerships with establishments in the Lúmen neighborhood. Lúmen, the building I was living in, is new and people are moving into their apartments. This is a great chance for the AHA team to find partners and I was given the chance of taking the lead on facilitating conversations, meeting managers, arranging agreements, as well as deciding and negotiating terms. That was incredible for me, especially because I was doing all of that in Portuguese! This project/product was also created by the AHA team and is called “Tudo mais fácil,” which translates to “everything easier”. A brief explanation for that would be a partnership with a local restaurant that would benefit from having us advertise their product, and in return our residents would benefit from having delivery at only 50% of the original price.

Furnished room in Lúmen building.

Lúmen also offers “DecorBox,” which is another innovation from AHA. It means that if you buy your apartment, you can choose if you want it “bare,” if you want it painted, if you want it with facilities such as bathroom box and air conditioner, or if you want it decorated. Even better, you can also choose to have pay per use services (e.g. dry cleaner, etc.) which are way cheaper than what can be found out there because all of these services have partnerships with AHA and our building.

Starting a business and the business world in general has always been something scary for me, and something I was skeptical about; but through my internship I have learned how important it is and how a business can be designed in a way that benefits every single part involved in it, as well as improve and develop a sense of community in the heart of a busy city. That is part of Incorporadora RPF’s principles and goals. With Eco5, everything they do is socially responsible and ecologically right, like the solar panel project I was working on this summer –but more about that next.

Casa da Amizade 18-07-2015-6450

Solar Panel from recycled material.

During my internship, Incorporadora RPF, motivated by AHA and with the engineering skills of Obracil, allowed me to lead and organize the construction of a solar panel made out of recycled material at an NGO called Casa da Amizade that I have been working with remotely for the past 5 years. They completely trusted me and used their own funds and workforce to help this NGO that provides assistance to and empowers the local community of the second biggest favela (slum) of São Paulo, Paraisópolis.

Casa da Amizade 18-07-2015-6387

At Casa da Amizade.

It was incredible to work with the engineers, having the chance to manage the temporary hiring of one community member for the construction. This allowed him to receive income and made the project self-sustainable. Once he knows how to build solar panels and care for them (e.g. future maintenance) he will be able to teach other community members how to build their own solar panels. This was also a way in which the NGO helped him develop his profession and worked together with the social and environmental purposes of Incorporadora RPF. Being able to do this project from beginning to end and finishing with a workshop about sustainability for the children that attend the NGO; it was incredible. Although this solar panel’s usefulness is limited to the sunny days, what it means is way bigger than that.

Casa da Amizade 18-07-2015-6448

Heating system.

The material we used was material collected from the community, by community members. The engineers and “brains” involved in the structure were from Obracil and they taught the community’s children that yes, we can recycle, reuse, and use the energy of the sun. People from the community saw that they could have their own water heating systems.


Final presentation of the finished project.


Casa da Amizade 18-07-2015-6533

After we were done with the project :-)

Being part of all that and looking at all the work that it takes, getting over 50 people together, moving materials, making a contract and following deadlines, that was a lesson I could never have learned if it was not for this internship opportunity. I can’t measure how much I learned and gained out of that.

In addition to that, I had the chance of attending a lecture on “crazy innovative entrepreneurship and design thinking” at University of São Paulo. I took classes on financial mathematics with Ferraro, the owner of Obracil, and a professor for over 20 years! I learned how to use an HP Calculator! That was beyond words!

This all is a summary of Project One, and Project Two is already on its way. New buildings are being planned and through the before mentioned Trello app I am able to follow what is going on in the company as well as participate in idea generation, foster further connections and relationships, and simply think about how I can help and contribute. This Internship was not limited to three months in Brazil; it represents the potential of ideas and how to make them come true.

Thank you so much Anita, for being so wonderful, allowing me to work with you and for believing in my potential and encouraging me to develop it.

Thank you so much Ferraro, for your lessons, your wisdom, math skills and your patience.

Thank you Fabio for letting me be around your company, for your kindness and the lessons I have learned from you.

Thank you to everyone from the Obracil office, who made my days so happy, who fed me yummy food, my AHA team that will always work together.

Thank you Monica Mation, for trusting me on making a solar panel on the roof of your NGO!

Thank you to everyone who trusted me and for the lessons you have given me. Thank you to Victoria, Gayle, and Marisol for helping me so much and for believing in me.

Whitman Internship Stories – David Quennoz ’18

In the spring semester of 2015, Professor Allen Tucker taught a course that tasked Whitman students to build open source software solutions for real, operational nonprofits. The team I was a part of built a web based inventory management system for the Blue Mountain Action Council Food Bank. It was no doubt my favorite course I’ve taken at Whitman because at the end of it I had something I could point at and say, “I made that and it made a difference for somebody.” Even better, I now have two things to point at because at the end of that course Prof. Tucker set up a meeting for us to present the project to faculty and local technology professionals, among who was Nanqi You. Nanqi, with funding from Whitman’s great internship grants, set me up with an interesting project to work on at her company, Walla Walla Web Weavers.weavers-logo

The project is an iOS point of sale app that works with their existing online shopping cart solution. Their clients who sell stuff, mostly wineries and a few other local shops, want to be able to sell to the online masses with an eye catching custom shop but also want to make sales the old fashion brick-and-mortar point of sale way, and ideally they only want to update one database of product information. That last bit is best met with a custom point of sale app. The one we’re building will run on an iPad with a credit card reader accessory.

My Summer View

My Summer View.

It’s been a task and a half to start from knowing nothing about programming for Apple devices to having something of consideration and though it was intimidating always it was never boring. Even though the programming bug caught me pretty early, there will always be more for me to learn and I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling like a novice. And that is what makes it fun. When you learn new things about computers you always feel like you’re just scratching at the surface of a more complex, intricate and fascinating beast. It’s immediately engaging in the same way as taking a bunch of 101 courses. But when one concept clicks it never fails to unearth a pile of new, even more interesting topics. It’s great. I’d recommend programming to anyone.

Thanks Nanqi and Whitman for keeping me off the Netflix this summer.

Make a Difference Day 2015

There were 74 members of the Whitman community participating in Make a Difference Day this past Saturday, including students, staff, and faculty. IMG_5187We partnered with 17 community organizations this year, which may be a record breaker! Thank you so much to these organizations* for collaborating with us on this event, all of us are grateful for the opportunity to engage with our broader community here in Walla Walla. The gallery below has pictures from almost every one of these projects, but I want to share in particular some highlights from our volunteers’ reflections on the day. The most rewarding parts of some folks’ morning included: “learning that some of the food from the garden would be used to improve school nutritional options,” for another it was “finding a new organization with a cause that I really care about,” or IMG_5186“helping get a school garden up and running smoothly so it will be able to produce yummy snacks and valuable education for students for years to come!” and another student enjoyed “supporting local organizations that I love (like the library)! Giving back to people who give so much!” Participating in Make a Difference Day inspired one volunteer to want to “participate in a service project in Walla Walla for an extended period of time or make lasting connections with community partners.”  We are grateful to all of the volunteers and our community partners for helping us make this event a great success.  For more information on Make a Difference Day or to learn how to get involved in service, please email

*Our Wonderful Community Partners for Make a Difference Day: Walla Walla Housing Authority, Habitat for Humanity, The Children’s Museum of Walla Walla, The American Red Cross, Fort Walla Walla Museum, Friends of Children, Walla Walla Hospice, Berney Elementary School Garden, Odd Fellows, Care-a-Lot Center, Girls Council, Elks Highway Clean Up, Walla Walla Public Library, Green Park Elementary School Garden, Shaprstein Elementary School Garden, Builder’s ReSupply, andEdison Elementary School Garden.

Recruiting at Whitman – business, State Department, service and grad school

Koru… US State Department… Grad schools… Peace Corps

Whitman students are inspired by a variety of careers, internships, experiences and opportunities.  From East Coast to West Coast, US and abroad, organizations are interested in Whitman students and they are recruiting for roles in marketing, finance, consulting, business analytics, service, grad school, foreign service, design, and more. Here is a list of organizations and dates that are confirmed right now:koru_logo-02-01

October 12thKoru | Reid G-02| 12:00, Lunch Provided – Whitman students and grads have a long story of success with this organization.  Whether you’re interested in their 4-week intensive program, the 2-week X-program, or their new FREE online Job Finder, Courtney Sanford ’12 will be here to share more will you.  A free workshop will follow at 4:00 PM in Reid 240 if you cannot make the noon session.

October 13th US Foreign Service | Reid 240 | 12:15, BYO Lunch – dos-fbConsidering a career abroad?  Consider the Foreign Service.  Ambassador Lew Lukens will be on campus to discuss careers with the State Department and their recruiting protocol.  If you’re considering a role in diplomacy with the US government, you will not want to miss this opportunity to speak with the former Ambassador to Senegal.

October 14th Pacific Rim Constructors| Reid 240 | 12:15, BYO Lunch –

PRC image PRC image 2International careers are again the focus with this organization run by Bill Davis ’88.  They are doing work in Russia, Mongolia and South Africa, the US and Kazikstan.  Learn more about this unique opportunity for students that are driven, hard-working and looking to immerse themselves in an international opportunity – Seniors, please.

October 15th Grad School Fair | Young Ballroom, Reid Center | 12:00-3:00 – This fair is planned to be a no-pressure opportunity to gather information, talk to admissions offices and learn more about the opportunities to continue your education beyond undergrad.

Curious to learn more about the application and financial aid process?  Join the field-specific panels scheduled from 11-12:

Law School Panel – Reid 240 | Pre-Health Panel – Hunter 205

Business School Panel – Reid 110 | Education Panel – Reid 207

Juniors and Seniors don’t miss this!

October 16th Peace Corps | Reid G02, BYO Lunch | 12:15 US-PeaceCorps-Logo- Whitman graduates have a long history of amazing adventures, positive experiences and continued success with the Peace Corps.  Travel, service and more – come hear about how you can join Peace Corps. Open to all classes, all majors.


And yet to come… Facebook, Scribe America, The Spur Group, and Goldman Sachs.  Stay tuned to the NEW SEC Recruiting Calendar for times, locations and more recruiters, or e-mail for more info.