5 activities to make the most of your summer

Set aside an hour to cross one of these off your list. There are opportunities around every corner, so get out there!

1. Connect with resources and alumni LinkedIn

2. Learn about careers that interest you

  • Informational interviews are an excellent way to learn more about a career. Use your summer to find local professionals who can provide insight into life on the job
  • Job shadowing offers an even more in-depth perspective. If you are working at a job or internship, ask your supervisor about the possibility of shadowing within the organization, or at other similar organizations that interest you.

Facebook post3. Build your professional identity

  • Polish your LinkedIn profile – LinkedIn resources for students
  • Clean up your online presence with resources like Socially Clean or Simple Wash
  • Practice talking about your interests and skills. If you had 60 seconds to explain yourself to a potential employer, what would you say?

4. Volunteer with causes that interest you

  • Volunteering provides deeper insight into the causes you care about, and builds experience and skills that are useful no matter what occupation you pursue
  • In Walla Walla? Check out our list of summer opportunities in Walla Walla
  • Elsewhere? Use resources like Volunteer Match to find local organizations

5. Reflect on your experiences and how the SEC can help you

  • Self-reflection is a valuable tool for discovering your interests and skills. What have you learned this summer? This year? Record your reflections in iConnect, a new tool for personal portfolios at Whitman.
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