Meet our SCORE Leaders!

SCOREs (Summer Community OutReach Excursions) are student-led pre-orientation service trips for incoming Whitman students.  Through direct service, education, and reflection, SCORE participants expand their education beyond campus to engage in the local community.  The themes for this year’s trips include: Food and Hunger, Housing and Homelessness, Environmental Justice and Sustainability, and Community Identity.  The trips will run August 21st – 28th.  Meet our fearless SCORE Leaders!

Environmental Justice & Sustainability

CaseyCasey Schafer: Casey (not an actual dinosaur) is a junior math major from           the great town of Corvallis, Oregon. President of the men’s club volleyball team and co-founder of Whitman’s premier turtleneck-clad recorder playing a capella group, Casey has been a part of spring break service trips to Arcata, CA and Eugene, OR the past two years. When not participating in some delightful community service, he can be found playing soccer, winning Settlers of Catan, or nagging all his friends to start reading/watching Game of Thrones. If Casey could be one animal it would definitely be a tiger mixed with an eagle that could change into a whale at a moment’s notice. He looks forward to meeting you all soon.

HalleyHalley McCormick: Halley is a senior math major and pending religion minor from Orcas Island, Washington (the gem of the San Juan Islands, for anyone who was wondering). She participated in the Housing and Homelessness SCORE; she has been a student academic adviser and a resident assistant while at Whitman; and she’ll be co-editor of photography for the campus newspaper, The Pioneer. She loves (yup, you guessed it) photography and will take any photo opportunity available to her. She also thanks her lucky stars for the existence of Spandex, as demonstrated by her accompanying picture.

Ali Holmes: Ali is a rising junior who is studying art, Japanese, and sociology at Whitman college from Bainbridge Island, WA (think ferry boats!).  In her free time Ali can mostly be found in the Whitman art building, Fouts, also one of the prettiest buildings on campus. This summer she has been super busy running a jewelry side business, working at a bead store, and doing two internships! This will be her fourth time on a service trip through Whitman but her first time leading a trip. It is also her first time to be on a trip with an environmental focus! As an incoming first year she LOVED doing the food and hunger SCORE. But she is looking forward to meeting all of you and getting to have a second SCORE experience!

Housing & Homelessness

RachelRachel Palfini: Rachel is a senior Asian Studies major from Southern California. She has been taking Chinese since her first semester at Whitman and last semester she studied abroad in Shanghai, China! On campus, she’s very involved in a global health club called GlobeMed and had the opportunity to lead the 2013 summer trip to Thailand to intern with their partner organization. This summer she is interning at a non-profit in Irvine called Families Forward which provides food assistance, transitional housing, career workshops and counseling services to low-income residents in Orange County. Rachel participated in the Food & Hunger SCORE before her first year and she hopes you’re all excited for your SCORE!

JacksonJackson Somerville: Jackson is a junior geology major from Portland, Oregon and she loves Whitman so much that she is spending her summer living in Walla Walla working and playing. She usually spends her days rock climbing, hiking, laying in the sun, looking for cool rocks, riding her bike, locating bodies of water with rope swings, and working at the Whitman Outdoor Program Rental Shop. During the semester, Jackson is a member of the Greek System, manages the Admission Office Calling Program, and volunteers with the Whitman Mentor Program in Walla Walla Public Schools and Adopt-a-Grandparent. She is unbelievably excited to lead a SCORE and cannot wait to meet all of you soon!

JamieJamie Friedman: Jamie Friedman is a rising sophomore who lives in the Bay Area. She is so excited to lead her first SCORE. At Whitman, she is involved in the Mentor Program, Whitties against Bullying, and Students for Education Reform. In her free time, Jamie enjoys frolicking around Ankeny, drinking lots of coffee, reading, hiking, and going on strolls through the Wheat fields. Last summer as a first year, she went on a backpacking Scramble, and is looking forward to also experiencing the magic of SCOREs. She is psyched to meet each and every one of you SCORE-os and is super excited to help kick off your first year!

Food & Hunger

MaryMary Christensen: Mary is a senior Race and Ethnic Studies major from the lovely, mountainous city of Colorado Springs, CO. On campus, she was a Resident Assistant in La Casa. She just came back from a semester in Ecuador and did her final project on the intersection of food access and cultural adjustment with an organization serving Colombian refugees. It was an incredible experience, and she can’t wait to learn more and get involved with food systems and hunger in Walla Walla!!! She also can’t wait to meet you all and welcome you to Whitman. Her experience has been full of great runs and walks, learning to play the piano, writing, adventuring with friends, and cooking delicious food. Walla Walla also has a healthy supply of two of her favorite things in the world: ducklings, and coffee. She is excited for you to discover all that Whitman– and the surrounding community–have to offer!

ChrisChris Cahoon: Chris is a sophomore English major from Hingham, MA. He plays club lacrosse, is a member Whitman’s slam poetry team, and spent this past summer teaching 6th grade math in San Francisco. Chris participated in the Urban Education spring break service trip to Portland, OR during freshman year, and is so excited to volunteer in the Walla Walla community for the SCORE trip.

JesseJesse Moneyhun: Jesse almost forgot to write his bio, so he’s writing it from a coffee shop in downtown Boise, ID. Jesse’s been living in Boise for almost 4 years now, but before this he lived in California, Delaware, Ohio, New Mexico and Arizona. Right now, he thinks Boise has the nicest people but maybe not the nicest food. He enjoys reading, writing, and anything to do with music. At Whitman, Jesse is currently a sophomore Rhetoric major, a tutor at the writing center, president/founder of the Whitman College Archery club, and a writing fellow for Professor Terry’s Encounters section (He’d love to know which professor you have)! On the side, Jesse takes Japanese tea ceremony, because Whitman is awesome and offers it as a class. He loves to talk about anything writing/tea/archery/Japanese/rhetoric/music related, but also loves to talk about other people’s passions and hobbies. As a first-year, Jesse went on the Housing and Homelessness SCORE where he had a blast and met his best friend, Forrest Arnold—who was then on the Food and Hunger SCORE and is currently leading the Community and Identity SCORE. SCORE was the perfect lead-in to an amazing first year and Jesse is excited to participate now as a leader in such an awesome program! He can’t wait to meet all the Food and Hunger SCOREos.


Community & Identity

LindsayLindsay Ross: Lindsay is a sophomore from Enumclaw, Washington, which is a small town nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Though currently undeclared, she will likely be an Environmental Studies–Politics major. At Whitman, she enjoys running on the Cross Country team, leading tours to prospective students, taking art classes, and doing homework in the science building (her favorite study spot). When she’s not at school, she can be found cooking gourmet meals with her family or playing with her dog Sammy. She participated in the Food and Hunger SCORE and loved it so much that she decided to go on the Refugees and Resettlement Spring Break Service Trip in Seattle last March. She is thrilled to be a SCORE leader this year and can’t wait to meet all of this year’s SCORE participants in just a couple of weeks!

MollyMolly Emmett: Molly is a rising senior English major. She is originally from Long Beach, California, but spent the last six months living, studying and working in Prague, Czech Republic. As far as SCORE involvement goes, this is her third time around–she was a participant on Housing & Homelessness as a first-year, then lead EnJustice as a sophomore, and is now back and excited to be a part of the new Community & Identity trip! She’s interested in all sorts of community service and involvement–especially with the variety of groups which call Walla Walla home. In addition, her interests extend to education, theater, volleyball (/most sports), swing dancing, reading, and making mix-CDs, to name a few. She looks forward to meeting you and introducing you to the Wallas!

Forrest Arnold: Forrest comes from Monroe, Washington. He is an undeclared sophomore interested in rhetoric and the environment. He plays French horn in the wind ensemble and is an active member of the CamForrestpus Climate Challenge. He participated in the Food & Hunger SCORE which connected him to incredible service opportunities and some of his best friends at Whitman. Now he’s looking forward to leading a SCORE and planning all sorts of events as a community service intern! He enjoys games of both the tabletop and the electronic persuasion, hiking, bouldering, cooking, and just hanging out with friends. He can’t wait to start SCORE and to meet as many wonderful new Whitties as possible!

SCORE Behind-the-Scenes Staff

AbbyAbby Juhasz (Community Service Coordinator): Abby joined the Student Engagement Center as the Community Service Coordinator in 2012. She is passionate about service, education, and student life. Abby earned a B.A. in Education from Wittenberg University, and an M.A. in Educational Psychology from the University of California Riverside. Abby is excited to work with students to connect them with meaningful service experiences that give them opportunities to address community needs, explore interests, learn through experiences outside of the classroom, and serve as active citizens.

KatieKatie Steen (SCORE intern): Katie is a junior Gender Studies major who hails from Boulder, Colorado. She is an RA in North Hall, an involved member and former co-president of Whitman’s feminist club (FACE) and a big fan of community service. She participated in the Housing & Homelessness SCORE before starting at Whitman, was a leader on the Food & Hunger SCORE last year, and is now the intern coordinating the whole SCORE shebang. In her free time, Katie loves to play board games of all varieties, hang out with her two little sisters, travel the world, cook meals with friends, and have dance parties. She is unbelievably excited for SCORE and hopes you are too!


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