2014-15 Community Fellow Program – Job Descriptions

Community Fellow 2014-2015

The job descriptions  for the 2014-2015 Community Fellows program are out! Job descriptions are listed below but read more about each organization by clicking on the organization’s name.


Blue Mountain Action Council Pro Bono Legal Aid Program

This fellowship presents an excellent opportunity for Whitman students with a strong interest in social justice and more specifically, assistance to indigent individuals in need of legal aid. This position is well suited for students interested in pursuing work in either the legal or social work fields. The fellowship offered through the BMAC Pro Bono Program will allow the chosen fellow to serve clientele in a direct capacity. This individual will have the opportunity to obtain knowledge of multiple areas of the law, primarily family law. The fellow would have the opportunity to interact with local attorneys, allowing for the development of a more rounded understanding of the application of law. The fellow will also learn about local non-profits and the resources (outside of the legal realm) available to our clients. The fellow may attend court with the program coordinator and AmeriCorps members, which will continue to enhance his or her practical understanding of court procedures.
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Community Council

Each year, Community Council initiates a study based on a topic proposed by local citizens, approved by the board, and supported by Community Council. This year’s study topic is “Enhancing Outdoor Recreation Opportunities.” A volunteer citizen group will meet for approximately 24 weeks beginning in the early fall. The first 16 meetings are teaching sessions during which resource people with expertise in some aspect of outdoor recreation make presentations. Following the 16 meetings, the group meets for 9 more sessions to review findings, develop conclusions, and make recommendations whose implementation will result in enhanced outdoor recreation opportunities in the area.
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Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts

Programming for Crow’s Shadow for the 2014-15 year includes: two-week residencies for four or five artists; four-five regional/national exhibits; three-four printmaking workshops; and three-four traditional arts workshops. The Fellow’s primary responsibility will be to serve as an assistant to Master Printer Frank Janzen in the print studio.  This will include preparing paper and materials prior to workshops or a resident artist’s arrival; sponging during the printmaking process; and cleaning the tools and studio.  The Fellow will assist the Master Printer in preparing prints for exhibits and will learn about the day-to-day operations of a print gallery, including public relations, event planning, and receptions.  As well, the Fellow will have the opportunity to assist with organizing traditional arts workshops that are open to the tribal community.
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Downtown Walla Walla Foundation

In 1993 the property owners of downtown Walla Walla decided to renovate their downtown because it was a wasteland and most of the major retailers had decided to go to the new mall. They initiated designs, concepts and ideas that cost $2.5 million. The property owners obtained a bond to finance the project – an LID (“Local Improvement District”).  It changed the downtown dramatically and soon the downtown became the leading retail commercial center again and the mall collapsed in time. The downtown won numerous awards for the new development and the economics of the city changed. Most of the development was centered on Main Street for six blocks. The DWWF intends to do a second LID on the parallel street – Alder, and the side streets connecting Main and Alder from Palouse Street to 4th Avenue.  It is estimated that the costs will be from $3 million to $5 million. The fellow will be required to work with the committee in researching and assessing both the values and costs of this project.
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The Port of Columbia

There are currently five businesses operating within the BMS Artisan Food Center, as well as the newly created Blue Mountain Station Co-Op, which is seeking its non-profit status. While these are private businesses, with the exception of the BMS Co-Op, the role of the Port of Columbia is to support and assist these fledgling start-ups. One of the primary needs expressed by all of the businesses at BMS is assistance with marketing. Tasks the Fellow will perform vary from helping identify the membership benefits for the BMS Co-Op, to helping a business expand their reach throughout the Pacific Northwest to helping another business re-brand itself.

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The Health Center

The Fellow’s mission will be to develop and implement a process for monitoring and reporting change in specific indicators related to the work we provide for the students of Lincoln and Blue Ridge. The outcomes of interest include: Truancy, Graduation, State Test Scores, Student Discipline Referrals and Incidents requiring police action. The project will start with historical data and follow the impact of our services on the indicators. The Fellow will interact with The Health Center (THC), Walla Walla School District (WWSD), Office of the Superintendent of Public Education (OSPI), Walla Walla Police Department (WWPD), the School Based Health Alliance (SBHA), and others. Upon completion of the project there will be a report of our outcomes over the past five years and a best practice process and system in place for continued assessment into the future.
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Walla Walla Symphony

During the 2014-15 Symphony Season (September-May), we seek a Whitman Community Fellow to help us deepen our community impact.  To achieve this goal, the Fellow’s year-long project will have two components:

  1. Fellow will work closely with Walla Walla Symphony Youth Orchestra, coaching, teaching and mentoring the young musicians throughout the school year;
  2. Fellow will create a pilot program in conjunction with the Walla Walla General Hospital (and other hospitals and retirement communities as possible) to bring music to those who are ailing, ill or aging.

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The Successful Transition and Reentry (STAR) Project

The STAR Project has served over 700 clients who have left incarceration with transition services since 2004. Since that time the only method of tracking the success of the program has been submission of client data to Washington Department of Corrections (DOC) to see if individuals had been re-incarcerated within the Washington prison system.  While this provides some quantitative comparison data between STAR clients and the State average of recidivism, it does not address many of the larger questions, such as whether or not the offender has served jail time, has enrolled in school, is employed or has reunited with family since release.  The Whitman Fellow will work with STAR staff to develop a more comprehensive tracking tool, which will include both expanded quantitative, as well as qualitative data on prior clients.
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INK-OUT is a new program established in Walla Walla through the generous donation of the Sherwood Trust and the First Fruits Fund through the Blue Mt Community Foundation.  It is 100% volunteer driven and the laser machine used to remove tattoos is housed free of charge on the Walla Walla General Hospital campus.  We currently have 35 participants going through the tattoo removal process. Since INK-OUT’s inception, we have recognized the need for a program coordinator / mentor. The Fellow will take on this much-needed role.
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