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Last spring, we posted a piece about the power of the Whitman alumni network and how this remarkable group of Whitties can help students and graduating seniors make the necessary connections to create and shape their professional futures. Here is a follow-up to that article from 2014 graduate Emma Snyder. If you recall, Emma was seeking a position at Hubspot in Boston.

Read the EXCITING follow-up to her story and how her networking efforts helped her land exactly where she wanted….

By Emma Snyder

I followed up with the Hubspot connection I found after some extended networking through Whitman Alumni, and after a five-round interview process, received a job offer from Hubspot this week! What I hadn’t realized while applying, was that the company has grown to over 700 employees, and this week hosted a massive inbound marketing conference in Boston that over 10,000 marketing professionals attended. This made me realize just how important it was to have established an inside connection within the company rather than be one of hundreds of blind applications. Everyone I met at the conference kept asking how I managed to land this job, especially once I mentioned I have no directly related background experience nor typical area of study for the position, and was coming from Walla Walla, Washington (which you’ll find many people don’t believe is a real town east of the Mississippi) without any direct roots over here in Boston.

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I began reflecting on my job search process and that question, only to come to the conclusion of just how crucial networking has been to my successes. Since January, after becoming dead set on moving to Boston, the majority of my job search has been reaching out to alumni and people they then connect me to—not necessarily filling out online job applications as I had originally expected. While researching specific companies and applying online is definitely an important part of it, I was having no luck sending out blind cover letters and resumes with no inside connection or employee referral attached to them. The idea that about 80% of my job search time was devoted to informational interviews and phone calls not with anyone directly related to a company’s hiring process was strange to get used to, and even sometimes draining and defeating, as it was sometimes difficult to think about how these calls weren’t necessarily producing jobs out of thin air nor directly advancing me through a hiring process.

In reflection , I can’t stress enough how important doing that behind the scenes networking and research is what got me to this point. So dive into that Whitman Online database! You will be surprised to see how incredibly excited Whitman Alumni are to hear from current Whitties. They love to compare Whitman experiences, and have been so eager to do anything they can to help out. Not to mention, the alumni network has also been great for helping me establish a social network and meet people in a new city, especially one that is so far removed from the Whitman community.

For more information about the Whitman Online database, please contact the Student Engagement Center through email at or call (509) 527-5183.

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  1. Emma!

    I’m so glad to hear that everything worked out so perfectly for you, your story is certainly inspiring to start doing some proper research to try and find an “in” somewhere!

    Thanks for sharing,

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