What does “networking” have to do with me??

Networking… building relationships… connecting with professionals… these phrases have come up in many SEC discussions and workshops at Whitman over the past year.  But what does it mean??  Why do Whitman students and alumni alike find themselves encouraged to connect with industry professionals more and more through events and outreach?

Some recent statistics –

  • 80 percent of all jobs are filled before they are ever advertised


  • Based on recent reports by the Economic Policy Institute and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 25.3% of recent college grads find themselves unemployed or underemployed, while 44% of grads 22-27 years old are working in positions that don’t require a bachelor’s degree.

Building relationships with people who can help inform your understanding of the professional landscape and have the ear of hiring managers will aid you in finding and landing positions that utilize the breadth of your education in organizations whose values match your own.  Knowing how to reach people who share your interests and passions can help you connect in industries and organizations now, but will be a valuable skill to use throughout your entire professional life.  The below article illustrates how two established entrepreneurs connected at a holiday event and built a relationship that benefited both of their organizations.


As I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many Whitman alumni over the course of my first year here, the one consistency that rings true is the influence of other professionals in securing or succeeding in a new role.  Pairing this with the broad education and exceptional communication skills that a Whitman education offers and you have a powerful combination to take you where you wish to go.


If you weren’t able to join the Whitties Helping Whitties networking events on campus last Friday, please contact the SEC to learn about the many ways we can help students and alumni expand professional relationships – both online and at future WHW events.


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