Explore! Connect! Launch! 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 4th Year Fall Career Workshops: It’s never too early to start exploring your future!

There are several steps in the development of making decisions towards a major and a profession. It is never too early to start to think about this. These steps can generally corroborate with four years of the college experience, although different students will progress at different paces. It’s a time to explore and understand what matters to you most, and to learn as much as possible about the potential majors and careers available in your fields of interest.

To this end, three awesome workshops were offered to students during the week of Sept.15-19. With the goal of connecting to students and supplying them with information about the SEC and all the services we provide, we set about developing workshops focused on students by year.

!st Year Fall Workshop

First Year students engage in learning how to connect to resources through the Student Engagement Center

The FIRST YEAR workshop titled Navigating Whitman, looked at how to connect, investigate, and do some self-assessment. We identified ways for students to evaluate their interests, skills, and values. Ideally this will help them get a better understanding of who they are and to start looking at classes, and possible internships to help them identify majors they might be interested in. We asked them to target ways that they can gain exposure and experience in career fields through experiences provided campus wide. It is never too early to ask questions and begin exploring! The SEC can help them to develop their resume, practice interview skills and so much more.

Second and Third Year Fall Workshop

Second and Third Years listen intently as they explore ways to develop skills for major and career exploration

The SECOND and THIRD YEAR workshop was all about Digging Deeper into Whitman. They have now been at Whitman for a couple of years and have different experiences and questions. Exploration and Experimentation was the focus of the day. Interacting with people on campus and beginning to develop networking skills with alumni and people in business was identified as a major focus. Using the internet and other resources was reinforced as a way to gather information about career fields, alumni working in those fields, and the academic preparation which would be helpful to propel them forward into the working world. Accessing Whitman Online, developing a LinkedIn profile, applying for spring and summer internships, thinking about study abroad options, job shadowing and informational interviews were just a few of the unique ways they could connect with the SEC to move forward. Also a reminder to sophomores about our special Soph-Serve Drop-in hours on Fridays from 3-5 in the SEC

Fourth Year Fall Workshop

Fourth Years start the launch into their lives after graduation!

The FOURTH YEAR workshop, Life After Whitman, encouraged seniors to finalize and prepare their ideas, to initiate their plans for life after graduating, and to launch out into the world of work or graduate school. We emphasized that not everyone is going to know exactly what it is they want to do right at this moment, but that the SEC could help guide them through this process. The focus of this workshop was to connect, ask questions, attend upcoming graduate school fairs and information sessions presented by employers, and prepare for face-to-face interviews. We also talked about preparing for the graduate school entrance exams and to be aware of deadlines! And that there is no such thing as too much networking!

Overall the workshops were a great success. We had about 60 students attend and from that, many have already come in for follow up appointments in the SEC. A great start to our year! We look forward to working with more students and helping them develop their own personal map towards life after Whitman!


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