What can Seattle-based Koru do to help Whitties? Ask this 2014 Whitman grad

Meghan wanted to work in a Bay Area start-up.  Other Whitties she new had shared excellent feedback about the Koru program and the skills/networks gained through it; so she opted to participate in their September session – Koru@Porch.  Here’s what Meghan has to say about her experience with Koru and how she feels it applies for other Whitman students.

“I walked away last Friday firmly thinking that every Whittie that is serious about their first job out of college should do this program. The SEC is a phenomenal resource and Koru is an extension of this, taking all of the workshops and networking events and applying it in a high pressure, time constrained situation.

[The Koru team] will move mountains to help you in any way they can whether that be in your personal development or with introducing you to their network. The feedback they provided was transformative and their coaching, whether group or individual was the perfect complement to the program’s curriculum. Every single team member took time out of their schedule to meet with me, despite how busy they were. The one thing I did learn was that you have to be the one to take initiative. They will help you move mountains but you have to make the effort first and reach out to them.

Second, I could not be more thankful for their curriculum and the hard skills they taught us. There is not one thing I would change! I now have SQL, salesforce.com, Boolean Searches, and Google AdWords added to my resume and skill set, and this gives me so much more confidence. Not to mention the experience of conducting customer discovery/market research, prototyping, and presenting in front of an executive panel. It is all so well thought out, incredibly intentional, and useful.

In addition to these hard skills, Koru does a fantastic job of polishing your soft skills. They push you to be uncomfortable and they challenge you, in [so many] ways. I found the perfect marriage of hard and soft skills while at the program, allowing me to use data and certain software to enhance my Emotional Intelligence, interpersonal skills, and organizational skills. I know I wouldn’t have been as successful as I was in the program without my education from Whitman, however this was the next step that I needed. My biggest regret is not participating in Koru sooner!

Koru was the best decision I could have made.  It’s amazing the transformation that can in just 3 weeks!”

For more information about Koru, join their on-campus workshop October 20th @ 4:00 in Reid G-02.

Meghan Brown graduated from Whitman in May 2014 with a degree in French Language and Literature.

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