Adopt-A-Grandparent Hoedown 2014

291Howdy! The AAG Hoedown this past Saturday went splendidly! We were lucky to have Brenda Jones and her team of dancers lead grandparents and Whitman grandkids in line dancing. Grandkids were eager to get up and dance routines for their grandparents. While not dancing, AAG grandparents and grandkids enjoyed eating cookies and socializing.

I was so impressed by AAG volunteers’ willingness to get up in front of grandparents and Odd Fellows’ staff to dance.  I am so lucky to be working with some outstanding volunteers this year!

I would like to give a big thanks to Brenda and her team for teaching and leading line dance routines for yet another AAG Hoedown! Also a big shout out to the Whitman women’s volleyball team who helped with the event and participated in all of the 283dances. You are awesome! Thank you Abby Juhasz for taking photos throughout the Hoedown as wonderful souvenirs of this event.


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