2014 Fall Internship at the Children’s Resilience Initiative

Haley Friel, a senior sociology major at Whitman, is one of 11 Fall interns. She is currently working for the Children’s Resilience Initiative here in Walla Walla, a non-profit organization that provides resources for parents and communities to help children overcome adverse childhood experiences and build resilience.

As part of her internship Haley has a vast array of responsibilities and is developing professional skills. She writes, “My current responsibilities vary greatly and include organizing and scheduling training, creating teaching PowerPoints and curriculum, updating the website and writing articles to feature on it, creating teacher informational and motivational materials, and helping Teri [her supervisor] with any other tasks that aid the organization. I am developing web skills and experience creating curriculum. I am also gaining experience working within a small organization developing my interpersonal and professional skills.”

Haley works hand-in-hand with her supervisor, Theresa Barila. The two schedule weekly meetings –often 2-3 times a week– to talk about the progress of Haley’ work, the projects she oversees, and the various programs she supports. Haley points outs, “I feel that my work and opinions are valued and respected and we have very open communication about the work that I am doing.”

Haley Friel CRI InternshipHaley at her internship with a display of tips and words of encouragement for teachers that she made.

She adds that the great relationship to her supervisor and the overall work Haley is able to do are very rewarding. “The most rewarding aspect of my internship is being able to aid an organization that makes a huge difference but doesn’t have much support. Teri does amazing things to make real change in the Walla Walla community and beyond and it is very exciting to be a part of that and work so closely with her. Because we work so closely I feel that the work I do has a real impact and is greatly aiding the small but mighty organization.”

Finally, her work at CRI also influenced Haley’s future career goals. She writes, “It gave me perspective on many organizations and the bureaucracy involved in creating change. The work I have been doing with teachers and the school district has led me to more seriously consider teaching as a profession and consider how the work that CRI does and their tools could help me and my potential students as a teacher.”

Haley Friel_CRI internship_2014_card_1 Haley Friel_CRI internship_2014_card_2

Two cards from the display of tips and words of encouragement for teachers that Haley made.

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