The Buddy Program Winter Ball: A Night to Remember


Devin Reese ’18 takes Rachel Kutcher for a spin on the dance floor!

The Buddy Program held its annual “Winter Ball” on the evening of December 5 in the Reid Campus Ballroom, and what an evening it was! The energy in the room was high as Whitman and community buddies alike took to the dance floor to dance and show off their best moves.

As the program intern, I could not have been happier with how the Winter Ball went.  Seeing the smile on Rachel’s face as Devin spun her around to the tune of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” was absolutely wonderful, as was watching my previous buddy Jacob jamming with his buddy Michael as they chose music to play. Other highlights of the evening included the formation of an enormous conga-line, great food, and classy pictures.

The Fall 2014 Buddy Program crew!

The Fall 2014 Buddy Program crew!

When I came to Whitman, I never knew that I would have the opportunity to develop such a unique set of friendships with the local members of the community. My work with all of our community members continues to teach me so much about the unique talents and capabilities that individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities have to offer us, as well as how much we can learn from their outlooks on life. As I reflect back on IMG_5410[1]my first semester running the program, I can see just how much I have grown from my experience, and am certain that I will continue to grow as we enter a new semester in January. 


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