What are Whitman students saying about America Reads/Counts internships?

Did you know that 20 Whitman students work in the local schools, Monday through Friday on average 5-8 hours a week tutoring students in both math and literacy and are paid to fill in the gaps in our educational system?

The America Reads/Counts internship is a practical opportunity to gain teaching experience in both individual and small group learning environments. Historically, only work-study eligible students could apply for this opportunity.  However, due to a special, one-year grant, a small cohort of non-work study eligible Whitman students can apply for the 2015-2016 academic year.   All applicants must submit a cover letter and resume.  Prerequisites include proven experience teaching, coaching, or leading children in a variety of environments. Prior tutoring experience is helpful as well. Spanish language skills are a plus, but not required.

If you are interested or have questions, please email Susan Prudente at prudensk@whitman.edu.  The application is open now and interviews for final selection will be conducted the week of April 13.

Read on to hear about how the internship develops Whitman student’s both personally and professionally, through practical teaching experience in the Walla Walla Public Schools.

“I have a better appreciation for how important a teacher is in the development of a student.”
“ Even missing one hour of math can really set a student back.”
“EVERY teacher has a different style.”
Marci Parra ’15 (2 years of service at Sharpstein Elementary)
“Walla Walla Public School Training in the fall was very valuable.”
– Dalton Cooper ’17 (2 years of service at Edison Elementary)
“As a Gender Studies major, I find it interesting how students fall into gender divides so early on in social development.”
– Tara McCulloch ’17 (1 year of service at Green Park Elementary)
“Gender binary exists in elementary school. I feel very honored, almost privileged, as a male teacher because we are the minority.”
– Paul Minor ’17 (2 years of service at Prospect Point Elementary)
“I feel so lucky to be at a school like Blue Ridge. It is its own little community.”
– Julia Karschney Elementary)’17 (2 years of service at Blue Ridge)
“I love getting out of the Whitman bubble.”
“The biggest change I’ve noticed in my second year at Green Park Elementary is that when class size decreased, productivity increased.”
– Elise Frank ’17 (2 years of service at Green Park Elementary)
“It has been a great experience seeing a bilingual school in action. It has offered me further exposure to the Walla Walla community. “
– Laura Neff ’15 (1 year of service at Blue Ridge Elementary)
“The High School tutoring I did previously before Whitman, as well as my SA job on campus helped prepare me to tutor students at DeSales Catholic High School.”
– Olivia Sasaki ’16 (2 years of service at DeSales Catholic High School)
A student’s intrinsic motivation to learn is bigger than productive class time.”
Hannah Alverson ’17 (1 year of service at Garrison Middle School)
I am definitely considering K-12 education as a career path.”
“It is satisfying to help a student work beyond what the classroom teacher is expecting me/us to accomplish.”
Noah Oltman ’16 (1 year of service at Edison Elementary)
I am starting to see education as an upfront possibility. Long term, I am interested in neuro-research.”
Emily Carrick ’16 (2 years of service at Blue Ridge Elementary)
Education is on my mind professionally.”
My ARAC internship is worth the bike commute!”
Uma Trivede ’17 (2 years of service at Prospect Point Elementary)
It seems that I have more agency with younger kids. They tell me about their life and I build trust and empathy with them.”
Sophie Larsen ’15 (1 year of service at Pioneer Middle School and 1 year of service at Berney Elementary)
“I think Green Park does a good job of grouping kids according to ability.”
Noelle Butler ’17 (3 years of service at Green Park Elementary)
Less ARAC interns at Sharpstein this year make my experience feel a little less connected to Whitman.”
“I feel that I am better at teaching math than reading and writing.”
“The quality of an educational experience is very much dependent upon the teacher.”
Sara Teplow ’17 (3 years of service at Sharpstein Elementary)
It is important for a teacher to create a solid, creative environment.”
“I’ve realized that it is very helpful simply being in the classroom.”
“It seems teachers need to prepare to utilize ARAC interns like myself in the classroom.”
Serena Sanders ’15 (3 years of service at Edison Elementary)
Maybe I under-estimate kids. I felt pushed through the system and resented it. How can I be a different voice in these kids’ lives?”
“When I am in the classroom, I think about being a 1st grader myself and it make me remember and appreciate teachers I had.”
Chris Calamita ’17 (1 year of service at Sharpstein Elementary)

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