Whitman Connect Training

So you’re interested in connecting with alumni through the alumni database? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide and a video for using Whitman Connect, Whitman’s new alumni database. Either follow the steps below or scroll to the bottom of the page for the video.

Let’s get started!Alumni Directory

Step 1 – Visit www.whitman.edu/alumni and scroll down on the right side of the page to where it says “Connect with your classmates through the alumni directory” (Highlighted in this image)

Click that link.

Whitman Connect

Whitman Connect Homepage

Step 2 – After clicking that link you should be redirected to a new page or a new tab within your current browser. Once redirected you should see a page that looks approximately like this:

Depending on if you have already logged into the alumni database you may see a slight difference in the top right. In this image the “My Profile” and “Logout” buttons are visible. However, in your browser you may see a “Login” button.

Step 3 – If you see the Login button then click it. If you see the Logout button skip to step 4. Once you click the login button you should be able to search for your account (if you’ve never used the alumni database before). Otherwise, you should be able to sign-in using your previous login credentials for the alumni database. You can also reset your password if you need to and sign in with the new password.

Directory Search 2

Directory Search

Potential Searches

Search Fields

Step 4 – Start searching for alumni by hovering over the “Directory Search” button and clicking the “Advanced Search” option. Once you’re done you should see a page containing search fields that you can fill out. Enter information in these fields to narrow down your search for some of Whitman’s 16,000 alumni within the system. Keep in mind not to narrow your search too much or you wont get many relevant alumni!

Results List

Search Results

Step 5 – Look through the results at individual alumni profiles by clicking on their names. You can also email alumni by clicking the mail button next to their name or the “send mail” link on their alumni profile.

Sample Profile

Sample Profile

When on an alumni profile you can look over the various information they have decided to share. The best way to get in contact with an alumni is to update the email you use for Whitman Connect to whichever email you would like to email them with. Then, click the send mail option on their profile to send an email to them through the system. When they reply, an email will be sent back to your Whitman Connect email from their email and you can email as you regularly would.

Step 6 – If you get stuck, email your questions to sec_info@whitman.edu for help! Alternatively, take a look at this video for a more visual explanation.

Happy Networking!


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