Adopt-A-Grandparent Multicultural Fair

The Adopt-A-Grandparent Multicultural Fair on Friday, February 20, brought together a wonderful group of AAG volunteers, Whitman students, and Odd Fellows residents in an educational and fun cultural experience. The Multicultural Fair consisted of presentations from students who studied abroad in Ecuador, China, Senegal, Spain, and Denmark; musical performances including a Chinese instrumental piece, a love song from India, and a Brazilian dance; and a world trivia Jeopardy style game. Residents were extremely impressed by all of the student performances and presentations and had a blast playing jeopardy with their adopted Whitman grandkids! DSC_0347

This event was a wonderful opportunity for adopted grandparents to learn more about their Whitman grandkids and made for a lot of interesting conversation in the room! It was especially fun to see the residents get competitive at the end during the jeopardy game as they competed in teams against one another. DSC_0368

An extra special thanks to all of the performers and presenters who attended the event – Aly Counsell, Wenjun Gao, Caitlyn Smith, Kamna Shastri, Rachel Palfini, Melissa Shaffer, Andrea Chin and Ludmila de Brito and her dance crew! You made this event possible and did an awesome job!


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