Stay productive over Spring Break!


Job Shadow:

While you are away, you have the opportunity to shadow under PhD graduate students, consultants, teachers, Americorps members, environmentalists, and more! Connect with Whitman-Affiliated professionals through the Google Doc with registered alumni and parents, Whitman’s LinkedIn page, Whitman Connect alumni database, and your personal resources. If you are feeling stuck or looking for tips on what to do next or how to get started, check out our blog post on Job Shadowing!

Whitman Connect:

Don’t know how to take advantage of the alumni network? Haven’t checked out the brand new Whitman Connect database? Use this time to explore the features and identify alumni whose career paths mirror your interests. Get started with the training info here.

Meet with professionals:

If you’ve been applying to jobs or internships throughout the year, this is the time to go meet with people from those companies face-to-face! Even if you haven’t narrowed down specific job possibilities, still reach out to meet with alumni in your area using Whitman Connect. While emails and phone calls are a great step, professionals will be much more likely to remember you and help you out with your job search if they can put a face with a name.

LinkedIn Profile:

As the summer gets closer, recruiters from jobs and internships will be scouring LinkedIn profiles for students that might fit their needs. If you don’t have a profile or yours isn’t filled out all the way, those recruiters will scan right over you to the next candidate! Make sure you have a professional, high-quality photo (did you go to our Headshot Day??), and you are showcasing your experiences in a way that emphasizes all of the skills you have developed. For tips on how to optimize your profile, visit this page.




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