SEC Announces This Year’s Five International Internship Grant Recipients

world map bees and pins ppt versionThis upcoming summer five outstanding Whitman students will pursue five very different internships in five countries on five continents. The grant recipients are Ludmila de Brito ’18, Haley Case ’17, Sara Teplow ’16, Sage Malecki ’18, and Chloe Weinstock ’17.


Ludmila de Brito - People Search PhotoLudmila, an international student from Brazil, is heading back to her home country where she will be working for Incorporadora RPF LTDA, a real estate company in Sao Paulo. The company is known for its environmentally friendly buildings and designs, and takes socio-economic as well as  environmental sustainability factors into consideration when planning and building new apartments, something that attracted Ludmila to the company in the first place. As the finance intern, she will be working in both the financial and judicial departments, utilizing her background in, and passion for, data analysis, mathematics, and economics.

Haley Case - People Search PhotoHaley, a sophomore interested in global health, will be traveling to Thailand to work with GlobeMed and the Burma Humanitarian Mission in Mae Sot. As the Grass-Roots Onsite Work (GROW) intern, she will oversee a team of student interns and work with them on a project that focuses on providing health vocational classes for Burmese youth refugees within the secondary school connected to the Minamahaw Education Foundation. Part of the internship involves the creation of a publicity short film about the project that she hopes to share with the Whitman community upon her return to campus.

Sara Teplow - People Search PhotoSara, also a sophomore, will pursue an internship in Guatemala with Pueblo a Pueblo, a non-profit that provides health services to under-served communities. One of the Pueblo a Pueblo programs focuses on maternal child health, offering prenatal care services, educating mothers about nutrition as well as infant and child development. Sara is excited to expand her skills and gain insights into the international medical field. She is also looking forward to speaking Spanish, immersing herself in the local culture, and building long-lasting connections for the future. Upon return to Whitman, she is planning on sharing her experiences at the Power and Privilege Symposium.

Sage Malecki - People Search PhotoSage, currently a first-year student, is heading to Krakow, Poland. Once in Krakow, she will work as the Operations Intern at the well-known Galicia Jewish Museum. Her interest in art history, Jewish history, intercultural relations, and foreign languages, make her a perfect fit for this internship. Sage, who studied in Krakow during her sophomore year of high school, will work in the operations and external relations department of the museum. Some of her responsibilities include translating and meetings with Holocaust survivors and individuals from Polish to English, creating and carrying out English lessons for visiting groups of Polish children as well as meeting and talking to the many visitors from around the world.

Chloe Weinstock - People Search PhotoChloe, a sophomore interested in marine biology, will be spending her summer in New Zealand, where she will do research at NIWA – the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research. As a research intern she will be processing images of the deep-sea floor, identifying the fauna visible in those images, and characterizing their habitat. After analyzing the data, she will contribute to the writing of a report of the study. Her hope is to discover yet another unknown species and develop strong relationships with scientists at NIWA. At this point, she hopes to move to New Zealand and pursue a Masters in marine biology.

We are excited for these five young women and are looking forward to the experiences they will gain this summer, and the stories they will share with us when they come back.




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