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Are you looking for full-time work post graduation? Maybe you’re interested in a summer internship or a chance to shadow someone in a particular field?

Then Whitman Connect is a tool you need  to find the right connections and learn more about the career options available to you.  And now, the SEC is happy to announce that you can sign up for Whitman Connect – Whitman’s online alumni database – without having to schedule an appointment with a SEC adviser.

A few things to remember before you get started:
1. Be polite and professional – Whether you’re searching for employment or just want to learn more about an industry or organization alumni are taking time out of their busy schedules to work with you and that deserves your best.networking

2. Remember that this system is for networking only. – Soliciting alumni for charity contributions, asking for investments, or anything not outlined in the terms of use as acceptable is strictly prohibited and you will be banned from the system for those behaviors. If you have any questions about what is acceptable please feel free to ask us by emailing

3. Alumni want to help! – While it is important to be gracious and respectful of your alumni peers, you will be amazed by how open they are to helping you find work, explore graduate programs, and share their experiences. So don’t be worried about putting yourself out there and interacting with them as chances are that someone helped them when they were in your shoes.

4. Be sure to follow-up. – While Alumni want to help, they want to ensure that the help they are providing is useful and appreciated.  After you speak with someone on the phone or in-person, always send a thank you note.  If their help leads to a job or internship, let them know by sending a hand-written note.  Building a strong professional network means sometimes you take and sometimes you give, so keep in-touch and make sure you connect with them on LinkedIn.

With that said, here is a link to the form that you must fill out to get access to Whitman Connect. Make sure your email address is entered correctly in order to receive an email with further instructions.  And if you already have a Whitman Connect account, you can access the directory here.


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