Is There Life After College?


As the last two weeks of school dawn upon us, we find ourselves asking, “What am I going to do with my life?” “What happens if I don’t get a job?” “Were my accomplishments enough?” Best-selling author and award-winning columnist, Jeffrey Selingo’s new book, There is Life After College, answers all these questions and more!

Presently, in addition to a bachelor’s degree, employers require “soft skills” such as resilience, curiosity, communication and problem solving skills. These skills can be acquired through extra-curriculars, internships, sports, and rigorous majors in which students allow themselves to be challenged by their peers and professors.

Selingo outlines these necessary skills while also discussing the importance of choosing the right city in accordance with bookyour career path, the effectiveness of a concrete day-by-day schedule, and how to use gap years and online courses to your advantage.

So, whether you are a senior looking for employment or a worried sophomore thinking about what steps to take this summer to strengthen your graduate school application, it is important to use the career development resources at the Student Engagement Center to help you outline clear career and academic goals.

Also, make the best out of your time at Whitman! Take advantage of network connections with peers and alums, enjoy your favorite activities, and explore your academic and career interests through internships and research opportunities.

For further reading, check out this article about There is Life After College written by Joshua Kim. Kim highlights Selingo’s thoughts on the importance of liberal arts education.

Have a happy finals week and an even happier summer!

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