Tracking a successful job search

If only… finding your first job were as stress-free as searching through record stacks!

Embarking on the search for your first post-graduation job can be intimidating, exciting, and overwhelming – all at once.

Where do you want to work?  What roles seem interesting to you?  Who should you meet with to access interesting opportunities?  How do you keep track of everything you’re doing to find a job without losing priority on your current responsibilities: a strong senior thesis, oral and written comprehensive exams, social time with classmates and friends, etc.

In addition to some of the tools we have in the SEC, like Handshake, Whitman Wayfinder and Whitman Connect, we also have a solution that can help you keep the details of your contacts, companies and job applications as well as goals for your job search in an easily organized and trackable database.  Here is a link to the template we’ve created that will help you get started – it’s a bit robust, so select the tabs that make the most sense to start with.  As you develop more familiarity, you can expand to other tabs.

Please  note: you must make a copy of the template to begin your own tracker.

If you have any questions, contact Kim Rolfe in the Student Engagement Center.

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