Tips & Gifs: Updating Your Resume

Even if you’re not currently working on an application updating your resume now (rather than right before you need to submit it with a cover letter, work sample, references, and who knows what else) can ease some future burden.

Make sure your resume fits on one page.


Use a legible, 10-12 point font and .5″ to 1″ margins. Choose one way to list dates and locations and keep it consistent throughout the document. At the top, include your name and contact information (swap a mailing address for your LinkedIn URL. Need help setting up a LinkedIn? Read here.)

Use active verbs.

Every job, volunteering gig, or leadership position you’ve had was an adventure. Describe them accordingly. Remove as much passive voice as you can and choose words that pack a punch for your bullet points. Always use past tense, even if you currently hold a position, and use numbers to quantify your contributions to the organization, whether you increased sales by X percent, or taught X number of students, or decreased response time by X number of days, et cetera.

Ask another person to copy-edit your document.

Have a friend or parent (or the SEC) to review your work. They may notice a font discrepancy or a missing word that slipped past you.  We also offer a more in-depth resume workshop and can help you in person if you stop by Reid 219.

tips-and-gifs-cover-imageThis post is part of the 2016-2017 winter break series Tips & Gifs. Read our other posts here.



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