Spring Break Job Shadow – spend a day in organizations that interest you

Thanks to support from Whitman alumni and parents, we’re pleased to announce that the Spring Break Job Shadow program is back.  Filled with opportunities for you to build professional relationships and experience life beyond the brick-laden Whitman walls, job shadowing is a high-impact way to access the workplace with relatively low commitment.  There are no applications, interviews or deadlines – well, there are the time constraints of break itself, but the point of the experience is to spend a day innocuously observing a field or position that interests you.  In a job shadow, you can see what really happens during the workday at your dream job or organization, meet new people doing interesting things you’ve never realized were an actual occupation, or learn exactly what you DON’T want to do in your post-college career.


What does a job shadow entail?  It can be as short as a couple of hours of an informational interview with a connection, introductions to their team and observing a staff meeting.  It can be as traditional as a full-day of sitting in the meetings and seeing the e-mail and work product created.  It can be as complex as a multi-day stint of learning about various aspects of an organization.  This flexibility is key; YOU can put together whatever works for you and your shadow subject.

How does you find someone to shadow?  The SEC has several resources to help you find Whitman alumni & parents working in many professional realms.  Here are links for a few online tools, but contact us or stop by for drop-in hours if you’d like more information.

Whitman Connect’s alumni database – http://tinyurl.com/WCalumni

Whitman College’s LinkedIn alumni listing – http://tinyurl.com/WClinkedin

List of Whitman Alumni & Parent volunteers for shadowing – click here for Whitman login access

And don’t stop there; parents of your friends, friends of your parents, your Uncle Harry’s third cousin once-removed on his mom’s side are all potential connections that can help you gain perspective on the workplace you may one day enter.  Don’t hesitate to reach out!

How does one reach out to find a shadow opportunity?  This is the tricky part, right? As a sophomore, Colin Faunt ’17 put together two fantastic job shadow experiences (one which led to a summer internship!) and wrote about them here.  We think his insight and recommendations are spot-on.

Want to hear more?  Contact us for more information about how to help you put this together sec_info@whitman.edu.


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