Whitman Students Collect Box Tops for Walla Walla Public Schools

Whitman College community members have been saving Box Tops for Education from cereal boxes, yogurt containers, and zip lock bags to support Walla Walla schools since September 2016. It has been impressive to witness the campus become increasingly engaged in collecting Box Tops to donate rather than sending them to recycling. Given the historical “bubble effect,” Whitman students especially are an untapped source of Box Tops for Walla Walla education which is why looking to the future is so exciting.

Whitman students are notoriously busy – academics, athletics, volunteerism. Not all students are able to commit to our school-based community service programs, such as mentoring, Story Time, or Green Park Bilingual. Saving Box Tops for Education is possible for even the busiest of students, and is also consistent with Whitties’ desire to be environmentally friendly, embodying the mantra reduce, reuse, and recycle. Donating Box Tops before they’re recycled is effectively reusing them while simultaneously guaranteeing schools a modest amount of money.

One Box Top is worth only ten cents. A single student may be able to save enough Box Tops to earn ten dollars for local schools in the course of a year. Together, however, Box Tops present a significant source of support. As a community, we can make a meaningful difference to give back to Walla Walla in a way that is feasible for all students. We did that for Green Park Elementary, when we donated 423 Box Tops, earning them $42.30.

Donating 423 Box Tops to Green Park Elementary. Pictured with Principal Gina Yonts, five Green Park students, and Story Time Intern Kevin Miller ’17.

My hope is that as students engage in small acts of service – such as saving Box Tops – over time they will feel a calling to give back to their communities in ever more substantial ways. As members of a community, we are each individually at our strongest when we live, work, and achieve together.


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