Summer Intern Mira Skladany ’19 Researches Case Law at C.A. Goldberg Law in NYC, NY

A Day In The Life At C.A. Goldberg Law

Me when Robert Kardashian pulled his stunt.

Hello! My name is Mira Skladany, I’m a junior Rhetoric major, and I’ve spent these past few months interning at C.A. Goldberg in downtown Brooklyn in the marketing and administrative departments. The firm fights for victims of online harassment, sexual assault, and blackmail. The firm is owned and managed by Carrie Goldberg. Students may remember Carrie from her presentation at Whitman this past spring. She spoke about her work in fighting non-consensual pornography, violations of sexual consent, and privacy within the digital age.  You can read more about her work in this New Yorker article.

I introduced myself to Carrie during her visit, we ended up going to the gym together, and then having coffee at Reid.  As a woman and a pre-law student, I was immediately in awe of her inspiring work that was coupled with an impeccable sense of tenacity and ferocious ability to kick-ass in incredibly tall heels (I later learned there is an in-office punching bag for practice).  I asked her about internship opportunities, and needless to say, flew out to Brooklyn once school let out.

So, for this post, I would like to take you through what a day in the life at this glam-spunk office has been like and what work I’ve been doing as first facilitated through the Whitman Internship Grant.

9:30: Make Coffee! Or Green-Tea (I’ve been on a health kick)
I go through security and am then greeted by Carlie Tise ’16’s, the firm’s Administrative Assistant responsible for new-client intake calls, cheery smile.  Next, I go to make either some coffee with our Nespresso or green tea.  Most of the times my Seattle roots reveal themselves and I opt for the coffee, but I’ve really been trying to make this green tea thing happen.

I then talk to Carla, the Marketing Associate and a 2011 Williams College English grad, and Carlie (there are many C names at this firm). We brainstorm on projects and then they dispatch me —to get onto work more important than my coffee/ tea contemplations.

Me blogging and looking beautiful while doing it.

9:40:  Write & Research
After getting settled in our gorgeous office— one that would make designers at West Elm insecure— I start on the day’s tasks.  Today, I spent the morning organizing evidence for a case, but the majority of the time I’m assisting with the firm’s fall marketing strategies.  This has required a lot of blogging and researching, but you’ll be able to see the fruits of this labor in coming months.

10:15: Firm Meeting
Every day at 10:15am our firm has a team meeting when we share three things we accomplished the day before and three things we’re going to do today.  This is a great way for me to catch up with the progress of our cases, watch the attorneys strategizing, and set goals for myself.

10:45-12:30: High Value 2
The High Value 2 are the 2 hours after our 10:15 where everyone at the firm works on whatever they are most passionate about.

Lately, I’ve been using this time to blog because blogging provides free resources and information to people in these horrendous situations.

However, other days my time looks totally different.  For instance, last week, this chunk of time ended up stretching into my entire day, as I helped one of our clients edit her college admission essay.  You can read about her story here.

12:30-1:30 Lunch
Ah, lunch time… I head out into Brooklyn Heights and am immediately surrounded by a plethora of avocado-toast serving establishments, protests on the court steps, and colorful markets.  Lately I’ve been going to a local deli, getting a sandwich, and heading to a park to read (my recent favorite has been American Hookup by Lisa Wade).

“You’re being served” – Me (A Dramatization)

1:30-2:30: Legal Time
This is when I assist the attorney’s (to the degree I can without being in law school) on cases.  Whether this means organizing evidence, running to The Financial District to serve someone, or researching case law for an upcoming blog post, this has been an invaluable opportunity for me to learn about the legal field.

2:30: Sign-Off
Once 2:30 strikes I’m off the clock, so I have the rest of my day ahead of me to explore the beautiful city that is NYC.

Thank you for following me throughout my day!

I’m thrilled to be officially joining Carrie’s team this coming fall, where I’ll work remotely from Whitman on writing projects.  Be sure to check out our blog to see what I’ve been working on and what my new work will entail— and sign up for our Newsletter for more updates!

While I wish I weren’t leaving, this experience has not only reaffirmed that I want to become an attorney myself, but a certain faith in the power and resilience of humanity.  For this I could not be more thankful.

Experiences like Mira’s are made possible by the Whitman Internship Grant, which provides funding for students to participate in unpaid internships at both for-profit and non-profit organizations. To learn how you could secure a Whitman Internship Grant or host a Whitman intern at your organization, click here or contact Assistant Director for Internship Programs Victoria Wolff.

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