Katy Laliotis ’21 Gains Confidence as SEC Photographer

Throughout the academic year, working as a photographer for the Student Engagement Center has taught me a lot. In terms of my work, I have learned how to time photos perfectly and become better at capturing interesting moments at events.Student arm wrestles mentee. Whereas at the beginning of the year I felt more confident in art-oriented photography, I have now gained a significant amount of confidence in my skills as an event photographer. When I had the opportunity to display my work in an exhibit on campus in the Stevens Gallery, I learned that the photos which look nice on a screen are not necessarily the same photos which will look nice printed and hung. Going through all of my work from the year to select photos for the exhibit was a daunting process, but I worked hard on improving my photo organization to make that process easier for myself. Framing and hanging the photos was also educational. I had never done that before, and I was surprised by how much hard work, physical labor, and time goes in to setting up a full exhibit.

Working for the SEC has allowed me to attend a wide variety of events around campus. Student dances with their grandparent at the annual Adopt-A-Grandparent Valentine's PartyI feel very fortunate to have been able to dip my toes in the water of many different SEC programs. From speaker lectures and community service panels to professional development meetings and presentations, I have been able to photograph nearly every kind of SEC event, and although I might not always be an active participant I feel as though I gained many skills and lessons from attending them regardless.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at the SEC this year and I have learned many things about not only photography but about Whitman, the Walla Walla community, and professionalism.

Katy Laliotis

Katy, a sophomore from San Diego, CA, captures the people and programs of the SEC. On campus. Katy is also a member of the a cappella group Sirens of Swank.



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