Beej Haas ’20 Works on Film Sets with Evolve Studio in Franklin, TN

Yo! My name is Beej Haas and I’m a rising junior currently on a double major track with Psychology and Film and Media Studies. This summer I’m interning at Evolve Studio which is situated in Franklin, TN, a neighboring city to Nashville about 30 min away. Evolve is a film production company and their team of creatives make ads, short films and promos for different companies.

Originally when I started here, I knew very little about what I was going to be doing while I worked with the staff and was pretty nervous about how little I knew. Especially considering that I don’t know anyone in Nashville either. Fortunately, Evolve has given me the opportunity to essentially dive in to a lot of different areas within the world of film that I didn’t know I’d have the chance to see and meet cool people while doing so.

Working on film sets has been a ton of fun. It’s great to see how a team of people all with very particular jobs (whether it be audio, camera, directing, producing, etc.) can come together as a group and create some really awesome content. Often the tasks I’m doing are pretty minimal on set. My jobs might include transporting people, grabbing food, helping put up equipment and working with the art dept. to create the set among others things. However, I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to learn a lot simply by observing the way a set functions and each individual does their job. Through being present to help whenever someone needs an extra hand I have been able to soak up a lot of information.

For example, I was recently working with our camera department and was building a camera and putting up some lights. A couple weeks ago this would have been pretty difficult but thankfully after having messed up doing it enough times and being corrected I felt it came much easier. Partly, this was due to the lessons I had learned previously from trying and also from watching the experienced dudes I work with construct gear.

I have also really enjoyed how young the staff in the office is. The average age is around 25 years old which makes it easier to relate to my coworkers and has opened up some cool friendships that I don’t know would have come as easily if there had been a larger generational gap. Being with young creatives really going for their passions definitely motivates me to pursue what I enjoy regardless of the inherent risks.

I was talking to a coworker about life goals and I told him my dream career, which wasn’t actually in film. His words back to me were, “Well, then go do that.” He proceeded to explain that if you really love something you got to go do it. Because whether you fail or succeed you are guaranteed a fantastic learning experience from the struggle of pursuing something you are passionate about. I found that simple statement to be deeply profound. I’m pretty terrified of pursuing what I love most because of the fear of large scale failures. However, changing my mindset from looking at the possibility of failure as a gain rather than a loss removes a great deal of the fear. How can an experience be considered a loss when you’ve grown from it? A simple statement, but one that will stick with me for life.

Experiences like Beej’s are made possible by the Whitman Internship Grant, which provides funding for students to participate in unpaid internships at both for-profit and non-profit organizations. To learn how you could secure a Whitman Internship Grant or host a Whitman intern at your organization, click here or contact Assistant Director for Internship Programs Victoria Wolff

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