Brendan Dunlap ’19 Assists in Chamber of Commerce Shop Local Initiative in Walla Walla, WA

At the end of the last semester, I began working on the formation of a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and a media company in town.  The media company is independently creating a platform aiding and supporting those interested or located in Walla Walla.  Some of the features included on the site relate to local events, business listing, articles, and more.  The Walla Wall Chamber of Commerce would be directly involved in the business listing component of this project.  The listing will provide an opportunity for The Chamber to update the online presence of their members, and will support an overall increase of local shopping.  The data management of the new system will streamline advertising, and allow easier participation between various businesses.

In my role as fellow for the Chamber of Commerce, I have been researching and writing a scoping document, outlying the scale and intention of this collaboration.  In writing this document, I had to first familiarize myself with what a scoping document is and what they aim to achieve.  It was an interesting exercise to zoom back out of this project and distill it down to a single page document.  Not surprisingly, it helped raise important questions when faced with the task of summarizing the partnership between the media company and The Chamber.

The formation of this document became an especially important task when my former supervisor accepted a new and exciting position, which unfortunately meant leaving the Chamber of Commerce.  The work I was doing would have further value as a document to get my new supervisor up to speed on the project and what work had been done so far.  Amidst this staffing change at the Chamber of Commerce, I have continued to maintain my relationship with the media company, while representing the interests of The Chamber.  This has been an immense learning opportunity, and has sharpened my skills in communication and project management.  I anticipate this project moving forward smoothly, and am proud to be able to say that I have lent a hand in making that possible. 

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