Seeley Haas ’22, Looks Into Specific Legal Terminology, Texas Laws and Codes at The Law Office of Rachel Crutchfield, PLLC based in Austin, Texas.

Hello! My name is Seeley Haas, part of the class of 2022. I am a Sociology major and intend to minor in Politics. This summer, I am doing a Law Clerk internship at The Law Office of Rachel Crutchfield, PLLC, based in Austin, Texas. However, because of COVID, I am working remotely from Bend, Oregon. My internship is mainly research-based. Every week or two, Rachel and I talk over the phone about the previous cases and the new ones she has for me. I spend the first few days looking into specific legal terminology, Texas laws and codes, reading related past Texas court cases, and other things. Through this I am able to gain a better understanding of the case and use it to look into what Rachel needs from me; things like past case ruling and precedence, arguments and situational characteristics of related cases, claim requirements, classifications, and other things I then compiled into an email and send to Rachel. For the last month of my internship, however, our set up will be a little different – rather than switching case work so often, I have been assigned to one case for the rest of my internship. For the time being, I will be working alongside Rachel as this case develops in “real time” and I will be more involved in the actual process of building a case. 

One thing that I really love about this internship is that it is an inclusive and collaborative experience. Rather than being set up as “watch and learn”, I get to work with Rachel and get a true hands-on experience. I unfortunately do not get to meet or interact with her clients involved in a case, because I am doing it online rather than in the office, but Rachel includes me as much as she can over the phone. A large component of this internship is the focus placed on learning the analytical reasoning and writing ability of a lawyer, both from Rachel and through the research I do on my own. As I look more into law and finding a field I want to pursue, this internship was also ideal for the experience it would give me in civil law. Being able to work so closely with Rachel has been amazing and being able to work so closely with the intricacies of each case is an irreplaceable experience! Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better internship and mento.

Experiences like Seeley’s are made possible by the Whitman Internship Grant, which provides funding for students to participate in unpaid internships at both for-profit and non-profit organizations. To learn how you could secure a Whitman Internship Grant or host a Whitman intern at your organization, click here or contact Assistant Director for Internship Programs Mitzy Rodriguez

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