Gap Year Q&A

Hi, future Whitties! I got the chance to have an amazing conversation with junior Sarah Murphy, a Classics major, while she was abroad in Italy. Sarah took a gap year before she came to Whitman and spent time in the American Field Service Program in Finland. During this Q and A, she shares some highlights […]

COVID-19 Response: Food 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Whitman’s response alongside that of BonApp and the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) is important to consider. How has Whitman responded in regard to feeding its students while also maintaining the safety of its students who remain on campus? For students who are on a meal plan, BonApp […]

Cross Country Team photo

Support for Athletes

As I finish four years of athletics at Whitman on the cross country and distance track teams, I’ve been reflecting on the support I have received throughout my academic and athletic career at Whitman.  For starters, being part of a sports team is like being part of a big family. With the countless hours spent […]

Saying Goodbye

This last week the COVID-19 virus has changed many things. Social distancing is being practiced, school is canceled or moving online, travel plans have been changed, stores have been cleaned out across the United States. Although we have been lucky not to have any cases on campus, and only a single one at the Walla […]

“If I ask for academic help, does it mean I don’t belong?”

Asking for help can be scary and uncomfortable, but it is also necessary and an important part of being a student at Whitman College.  As a senior student, I have navigated through the process of asking for help and seeking academic support options at Whitman, but I remember the discomfort I felt as a first-year […]

Post First-year Check-in

As the second semester of my first year quickly progresses, I can’t help but think about all the experiences and changes I’ve gone through over the past six months. I was always told that college would be a process of self-discovery, but I never understood how intense that process would be. Academically, I’ve realized I […]