Mid-Autumn Festival

On September 15, China @ Whitman (the Chinese student club) hosted the Mid-Autumn festival for all Whitties to attend. The Reid Ballroom was decorated with Chinese knots and a painting, and was cordoned into a section to listen to Chinese music and a section with food and activities. Red bean and lotus moon cakes were served, along with delicious coconut Boba tea and Chinese green and black teas available at various tables. Other activities included Chinese brush calligraphy and letter writing. For trying out different activities people received tickets that would let them roll in a dice game for prizes! Gifts included pencil pouches, fans and other goodies.

The festival is in celebration of the moon and of the value of family, using celebration as a chance to grow closer together. The moon cakes are small round desserts with a center of flavored paste surrounded by flaky pastry dough, with intricate designs molded into the crust. Traditionally the moon cake would be cut into equal portions, a piece for each member of the family, and it would be eaten with family. Letter writing at the festival also meant that I got to send a letter to my mom, which felt very appropriate for values of the festival. It was never explicitly said to me, but I feel that by giving mooncake to any Whitman students who wanted it, everyone who attended the festival was connected as a Whitman family a little more. I had a lot of fun, and learned a lot about Chinese culture, and I will definitely be going to other Chinese @ Whitman events in the future!

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