COVID-19 Response: Food 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Whitman’s response alongside that of BonApp and the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) is important to consider. How has Whitman responded in regard to feeding its students while also maintaining the safety of its students who remain on campus?

For students who are on a meal plan, BonApp was able to provide students with meals, lunch and dinner, in order for students to be fed during a time where many were not able to return home and many were dependent on their meal plan to eat at all. With a strict schedule of when to get food, blue tape on the floor to guide students to remain separated, and limitations such as not being able to use personal water bottles, Whitman was able to provide for us. Not only did they feed students, but nutritious meals with vegetarian/vegan options as well. The BonApp staff kept in contact with students as restrictions changed and schedules altered to ensure that students were on the same page in regard to their services. 

For students who were not on a meal plan, ASWC has left boxes in every residence hall on campus for food to be donated. This food will be used to fill the pantry of our Glover Alston Center, which is a huge resource on campus regarding books, clothes, food, and a safe space. It will also be available for those who live in off-campus housing who are also in need of groceries yet are not on the meal plan. 

During an unprecedented hardship that everyone is struggling through, Whitman, BonApp and ASWC have continuously worked hard to provide food for students while simultaneously maintaining safety measures suggested by the state and the CDC. 


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