COVID-19: What I’ve Taken for Granted

Now that I’ve been home for a week-ish, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my Whitman experience – despite it not even being a year since I’ve been a Whittie. 

For example, I used to hate walking to my classes on the 3rd floor. I would dread it every day because I went from the 3rd floor of Olin Hall to the 3rd floor of Maxey Hall and later, back to the 3rd floor of Maxey. I did it to myself. But still, a reason to complain every morning. Now, cooped up in my house,  I have to schedule time in the day to walk. Meaning anything farther than the distance from my bedroom to the kitchen (about 15 feet). I struggle to get myself moving when Houston’s humidity doesn’t let me even enjoy the outdoors, let alone my opportunity to be outside of my house before dark. 

Another example is a quiet study space. I made it a part of every day to do homework in Reid in the afternoon. I found it one of the best environments to study and I just loved being there. During finals or midterms, I’d spend my time at Cleveland behind the expresso, studying. The smell of coffee and the sound of conversations all blurred together made it one of my favorite study spaces. Now, all I have is my kitchen table, my bed, and the floor. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have been able to return home, to be with my family, and have a place to study at all. But I admit it is a struggle when my parents’ curiosity about what I’m doing drives me nuts sometimes. 

Now that I’m in a new time zone, all of my classes are really late in the afternoon. I miss having classes in the morning, where I could get my work done early and have the rest of the day to relax or study. Instead, my entire day is filled with coursework. Not only is it time-consuming but it’s draining to be learning the entire day instead of just one time period. 

These are the things that I have taken for granted. It’s nice to reflect on these things now that there is time to do so. When I return to Whitman, I plan on cherishing more aspects of my college experience. I am going to stop complaining about the things that, in all honesty, make me feel better and do better as a student. It is in tough situations that you realize the things you have taken for granted. 


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