First try

Hello, I have never run a blog before!

Just testing to see how it works. I leave officially for Madagascar on the 21st, so check back after that for real content and photos I will have taken of real animals

our childhood friend, zoboomafoo

6 thoughts on “First try

  1. Andrew

    Hi Big Girl! I am glad you included Zooboomafoo. Maybe you will run into the Kratt brothers too on your journey. I can’t wait to hear, read and see more highlights from your trip and your studies. Hard to imagine this result from 19 years ago watching that show on PBS with my baby girl, but I always knew you were capable of anything. Love you, Dad.

  2. Timoth Meinzen

    Hi Amanda,
    Tim, Thomas’s father here. We love your blog. Funny and insightful. Please include lots of pictures of you. (seems tacky, but we like it) and as a fellow plant lover, I cannot get enough of your pictures of plants. But one was not a banana, but it looks like a banana. The leaves are in a fan tail. I used to know the name of that. Rats.

    Good luck with Malagasy! Being called white person repeatedly by kids sounds exactly like my experience in the Peace Corps.


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