I am a junior history major spending a semester abroad in Granada, a small city in Andalucía, Spain. Granada has a rich religious and cultural history which I hope to explore during my time here.

My decision to study in Spain initially stemmed from a desire to improve my Spanish. Having already spent time in Central and South America, I decided I would head across the pond to learn more about the history and culture of a place with which I am less familiar. I was particularly attracted to Spain because of its pre-modern history which incorporates elements of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The proximity of Spain’s dictatorship adds another layer to understanding its history and contemporary politics.

The question of what it means to travel has also been on my mind — especially of what it means to travel today, as a citizen of the United States. While I cannot fully answer such a question here, I hope that my stories will provide readers with means to reflect on the topic.

Granada is a city full of young people who come to study from all over the world. My hope is to connect with students and other members of the community here to learn more about the nuances of Spanish culture and the place that Granada holds in the minds and hearts of those who encounter it.