Hello! My name is Karsten and I am currently a sophomore at Whitman College who is potentially majoring in Environmental Studies Politics with a minor in Chinese. Originally from the ski town of Park City, Utah, I enjoy all things nature but especially cross country skiing! I also am a huge fan of traveling and learning, hence why I am on the China Crossroads trip ­čÖé

This is me! (Karsten)

Here is a description of the Whitman College China Crossroads 2019 trip:

The Crossroads Whitman Summer Studies in China (WSSC) program was founded in 2001 and is a six-week, 6-credit academic program administered by Whitman College in cooperation with Yunnan University in Kunming specifically for Whitman students interested in Chinese Studies. The purpose of the program is to give students an opportunity to study conversational Chinese intensively in an environment where it can be put immediately into practice, as well as a chance to learn firsthand about Chinese culture and contemporary society by living and studying there.  

Crossroads Whitman Summer Studies in China is led by Professors Chas McKhann and Zhao Wencui.  

Chas McKhann┬áis a professor in the Anthropology Department at Whitman. He has been working in northwest Yunnan for more than 30 years. Professor McKhann’s main interests concern ethnicity, religion, cultural ecology, state-minority relations, and tourism development. Past experience leading Whitman student groups to China include past Whitman Summer Studies in China programs and Crossroads Yunnan course 2018.

Zhao Wencui┬áis Senior Adjunct Instructor of Whitman’s Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. Professor Zhao has taught Mandarin Chinese at Whitman for 10 years, and prior to that taught at Yunnan University where the WSSC program has been located for 17 years. A native of Yunnan Province, Prof Zhao earned her BA at Peking University and MA at Yunnan University. She has co-led numerous Whitman study programs in China. Her responsibilities include assisting WSSC students with non-academic concerns and overseeing the Language Partners and Friendship Families.