Week 13: Gardens, Storms & Ink

This past week I have been frantically trying to get more sources for my project. On Monday I attempted to organize the work that I had and scoured the internet for more people to interview. Because I was craving noodles and also feeling lazy, I decided to make Indian ramen for dinner. As I left my apartment, I quickly noticed something different about the weather. The streetlights were out, and brilliant lightning was illuminating the sky. As soon as I got to the grocery store, the torrential downpour began. The streetlight across the street dramatically blew out and sparks went flying. I bought my food and quickly walked (slid) home in my flip flops, watching as the rest of Bangalore hid under awnings. By the the time I got home (two blocks later), I was soaked and feeling rejuvenated by the spontaneous monsoon. I then proceeded to do the logical thing and watch a horror film while I listened to the not so distant sound of thunder.


On Tuesday, I was supposed to have two interviews, both of which got canceled. The first interview was to take place at the botanical gardens, where I traveled to that afternoon despite the fact that my interviewee did not. Instead of going straight home, I decided to stay a while and get some work done. As I was sitting on a bench, I inadvertently became the center of two different family photos. The members of the first family took turns sitting next to me on the bench while they had their pictures taken, and the second family just plopped their children down next to me without asking. Luckily, I was in a good mood and the children were endearing so I didn’t mind.


On Wednesday my roommate finally came back from Tamil Nadu, and I proceeded to blow her mind by showing her Lemonade. On Thursday I had an interview at an ice cream shop. (I chose the location). It went very well, and my interviewee even took it upon himself to teach me how to swear in Hindi. On Friday we decided we needed to find ourselves a nice café where we could work. We were successful in this endeavor and found a cool café nearby that also doubled as a bookstore. I felt much better about the prospect of my project once I actually started doing some writing.


On Saturday, I got a tattoo. (Not to worry – this was not a spontaneous decision and I thoroughly vetted the place before I made my appointment). I went with my roommate, who was there to document the experience and to provide moral support if needed. The tattoo I got was of the constellation Cassiopeia, which is visible in the northern hemisphere all year long. The artist was very clean and professional, and the pain was very minimal. (It didn’t hurt any more than a shot). Apparently, I was unusually quiet and un-flinching, and my roommate’s support was not needed. I was very happy with how it turned out, though I felt very conspicuous walking around with plastic wrap taped around my arm. Afterwards, we got ice cream and returned to our new favorite café.


We spent Sunday in our apartment working on our projects and snacking on left over Thai food. We only have one week left in Bangalore, and we’re trying to make the best of it while also finishing our work on time. Stay tuned for next week’s blog to see if we can handle the pressure.


Until next time,


A slightly cooler version of my previous self

Feminist street art

Feminist street art

Entrance to the Botanical Garderns

Entrance to the Botanical Gardens






2 thoughts on “Week 13: Gardens, Storms & Ink

  1. Wow, a mini-monsoon and a tattoo! You do lead an interesting life!
    Cassiopeia? An interesting choice, astronomy class wasn’t wasted on you. So glad your project is coming together. Seems like the weeks are flying by…be safe. Miss you lots, xoxoxoxo Gram

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