I guess I’m doing this blogging thing! I hope for this blog to chronicle my adventures in the SEA Semester program.

The Sea Education Association (SEA) is a field-based education program based in Wood Hole, Massachusetts. Woods Hole is an oceanographic research community on Cape Cod, a couple hours outside of Boston.

SEA Semester is divided into two six-week parts. The first portion is on shore at Woods Hole, where students take classes on oceanography, history, marine biology, and other subjects pertaining to their particular program. During this time, they also work with a faculty member to design their own research project, and make a plan to collect data while aboard the ship.

The next six weeks, students board a sailing research vessel. In addition to their academic responsibilities, students also serve as active crew members, navigating, taking watch, cooking, and otherwise maintaining the ship.

I will be doing SEA’s Ocean Exploration program, accompanied by my sister. We will be sailing from New Zealand to Tahiti. Here’s a quick outline of the scheduling:

February 16 – March 25:  In Woods Hole taking classes.

March 25 – April 2:  Frolicking in New Zealand before the sea portion begins.

April 2 – May 10:  At sea, sailing from Christchurch, NZ to Pape’ete, Tahiti.

So with that, I hope some people actually read my blog. It would give me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.