The Adventures of Hani and Jacques Cousteau

I need to clarify that I was actually not with the real Jacques Cousteau because he passed quite a while ago. I am talking about my lab partner, Grayson, which I have nicknamed Jacques Cousteau. Anyways, Jacques and I were on one of our adventures exploring the unknown mysteries of Blueskin Bay. On our exploration we discovered many peculiar creatures such as cockles and mantis shrimp. We also journeyed around Blueskin bay to understand the different inputs of nutrients from various rivers and the ocean. We took filtered water samples and placed them in the “chilly box” for preservation until we analyzed the samples in lab.

On this fantastic exploration I got a wonderful tour of the Blueskin bay area with my colleagues aboard the SSS MARI 303. We posed for a plethora of pictures that created a timeline of our journey and accomplishments. We were lucky to discover some ice cream and hot tea buried in a dark and mysterious caravan owned by our professor. All the while Jacques and I tried to stay warm and finish our oxygen samples of our cockles. It is safe to say that after 11 hours of looking at Blueskin bay that I am ready for a hot shower and something to eat.

An amazing and successful exploration if I do say so myself. Until the next one! Signing off – Hani

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