Type 2 Fun

In case you didn’t know there are three different kinds of fun. Type one is the kind of fun that is fun in the moment and fun afterwards. Type two fun is not fun while its happening, but you may look back and say wow that was fun. Type three fun is never fun, you look back and say well that sucked.

Yesterday¬†we decided that since we are leaving in two weeks we want to see the whole island before we go. The island is pretty small mind you, only 8 miles long. Finals were over and we had nothing better to do, so some friends and I went on a casual 16 mile run, because our exams hadn’t been enough suffering this¬†week.

The next day I’m feeling hungover, or like I’ve been hit with a small car. My lips feel like they’ve been injected with botox from the sun exposure, but I look back on the day as a beautiful run across dessert and island cliffs with some pretty rad friends. Classic type two fun.

(This is before our feet fell off our bodies. What a good time!)

(Guess who realized the gravity of this run first, hint: it’s Bree)

(Still got jumps 8 miles in, Bree, Me, Nat, Corndog, and Ben)

2 thoughts on “Type 2 Fun

  1. grady burch

    Sounds like a 13.1 sticker I saw recently on a car with the description “Only Half Crazy” . 16.0 miles technically is only 61% crazy, but add the island rock heat humidity sun factor and the math has to add up either 3/4 crazy or 100%.

    what will be your second marathon ?

    Surfin Bear

    1. Catalina Burch Post author

      I’m hoping to train for a real one when I get back to Florida… Iron man in death valley what do ya think?


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