Allie Seracuse: Hej from Sweden again!!

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts from Whitties studying on Whitman’s Crossroads: Pollination Biology in Sweden program this summer with Professor Heidi Dobson. Allie Seracuse ’20  plans to major in biology.

Hej from Sweden again!!

Now we are getting settled into the station that we are sharing with around 20 researchers.  Although there have been some minor setbacks (for me mostly in the kitchen… chili does not include cinnamon), we are having a blast.  The time here is flying by and each day is full of activities. With the sun setting at around 11 pm (these sunsets are the perfect end to a busy day), there is plenty of daylight for us to use every minute.  




On the weekends we have visited Kalmar, the local town of about 30,000, which is situated just across the bridge on the mainland.  Here we got to see the castle and wander the cobblestone streets in search of lunch and chocolate shops.  

Along the way we found some cool art like this!!!!

We also visited a lighthouse this past weekend.  Here we got to go all the way to the top of this 1700’s lighthouse!  What a view!  

We were taught about the bird tagging project at the southern tip of the island.  Here they keep track of the migrating birds population and can see any changes over the years.

Finally we got to explore the island a little bit on our own!  This is my favorite type of traveling, because it is how my mom and dad discover new countries, and have taught me to explore a new world.  In this way we found a beach and a sand soccer field (my coach will be very happy to know I have been playing).  And how could we avoid going for a swim!  The water wasn’t too salty and was very warm too.


I have just bought a ticket to First Aid Kit, a Swedish band, who will be performing in a castle on the island and can’t wait.  I am so excited to get to know this country more though exploring the windmill riddled country sides and narrow city streets.

Bye for now!

Allie Seracuse

Oh I almost forgot, we are making sure to try all the Swedish treats!!

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