Ian Gingerich: Independent Projects and Midsummer

This is the sixth in a series of blog posts from Whitties studying on Whitman’s Crossroads: Pollination Biology in Sweden program this summer with Professor Heidi Dobson. Ian Gingerich ’19  plans to major in biology.

Hello! Exciting times here at Station Linné! We have a week left, and we are all right in the thick of things. Everyone is working on independent projects, and studying for the final. The lab has been very busy with people mounting insects, collecting data, and making graphs of their findings. The photo on the right is an example of the honeybees we have been catching around the Station. For my project I’ve been looking at the pollen baskets on different species of bees and doing weight comparisons.

Last Friday was midsummer and here in Sweden it’s a big deal. We went to a nearby village and danced around under a maypole with the entire town.

Afterwards were had a big dinner with everyone in the Station. It was a ton of fun!  A fun thing everyone does on midsummer is make flower crowns. It seems even the dogs here like to dress up!

Tomorrow we are headed to a big summer market! Everyone is excited, despite the looming plant and insect identification test that is also happening tomorrow.

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