Monthly Archives: July 2015

How I got here

A year ago today, I was at the CRA‘s biennial chairs’ summit at Snowbird, having never been a department chair myself. At home, I was preparing to teach a new software development course, putting up jam, and planning a renovation project. I had no interest in leaving Grinnell and no idea I would soon be founding a new computer science program. So how did I get here? Continue reading


Two weeks ago today, I arrived in Walla Walla with my intrepid husband, Brooks, and our two anxious cats. My mission: To build a brand new computer science program at Whitman College.

Although this is the first post in my new blog, “Counting from Zero,” it is by no means the beginning of the story. In this post, I’ll narrate my arrival at Whitman and my first two weeks here. My story briefly introduces many of the players and many topics for future posts. Continue reading