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Letter to the Editor: Whitman sees increased interest in computer science

Yesterday the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin printed my first letter to the editor. I read an article about demand for computer science in the Sunday newspaper, and was disappointed that there was no local angle on the story. Wednesday morning I got to work early and wrote this letter. Thanks to Gina Ohnstad, Manager of Media and Public Relations, for her feedback and assistance. Continue reading

Institutional relationships

When I was a newly minted assistant professor at Grinnell, at first I didn’t know many people beyond my department and the other new faculty.┬áThere were the Dean, the division chairs, and the HR representative I met during my interview. I’m sure I met a librarian and some folks from ┬áStudent Affairs during New Faculty Orientation. But there were whole offices I would only gradually become aware of during the nine years that I spent there.

Starting a new program at Whitman means getting to know these folks very quickly. I’ve sought some out, and some have sought me out. This blog post will address my relationships at Whitman thus far.

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